What’s the target of the¬†foundation?

In many ways we raise money for training and support of disabled young people in the Northwest of Zambia. The ultimate goal is that these people can stand on “their own feet”, or can lead an independent existence. Most of the donations we invest in buildings and in profitable projects, so that there can be worked for years with these donations.



Hoe is de stichting ontstaan?

Ronald visited the village of Ikelenge In 1996. There was the mission-post of his uncle Harry Uitendaal (Father Phio). There was great need for school books. Upon return in the Netherlands had Ronald in short time for all pupils raised money so that textbooks could come. As with many things in life, it became a snowball effect. By the cooperation of many friends and relations and by the enthusiasm of the people in Zambia was the work of Uncle Harry developed. Ronald again visited his uncle at the end of 2002. Now together with his friend Henk Weijers. That was also impressed.

The three arrested was the plan to build a number of shops where the disabled people can make and sell their products. There was a lot of money for needed. And that came there too! A real Foundation was a must! There’s a lot of money in to. The spending must be logged. That are you the donors obliged. The roles are now reversed: Father Harry now lives, after 45 years Zambia, most of the year in Netherlands and returns several months per year back to his Zambia for his work with enthusiasm to continue. Cousin Ronald now lives in Zambia and is almost continuous involved in the projects of his uncle and the Foundation “on its own feet” Zambia. Because of that commitment, you can be sure that your donations are spent correctly!